Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tiny Adventure Tuesday: Stone Nirvana!

As promised, today I connected with one of my fave co-conspirators & lovely Soul Sisters to visit the Natural History museum. Our mission: to visit the new gemstone exhibit there...Splendor? You Bet Your Bippy! (Balboa Park, 6/10)

I had heard that there might be a separate admission fee to see the exhibit, despite the fact that this was the NH museum's Free Tuesday. Happily, I was wrong, though the bit of money I took with me did come in handy.
The stones are installed in the "basement" of the museum, closest to Grandmother Earth, natch, from whence they've all come.

I can best sum up the experience in three words:
GODDESS!Beautiful Serpentine Slab. (6/10)

It was all SO delicious; I'll try to give you only a few highlights...
~A cache of opals in ironstone, from Australia. Very Primal Earth energy! Numerous images shown to us by the opals!
~A clear crystal quartz cluster that was the total opposite of the opals - very High Frequency Star energy! I could hear them singing!
~An iron meteor that had been sliced in half and polished. This energy was Something Totally Else!
~A picture of Selenite crystals from a cave in Mexico, so large people can STAND upon them! I got a major "hit" from just looking at the image!
~The jade. Oh Gods, the Honking Big JADE! Beautiful green, with the vibration of home. I got a bit verklempt as I tuned in and allowed its energy to flow through me. (Interestingly enough, it came from Northern California. Things to make me go hmm...)
~A massive cut and polished Smokey Quartz, which I think was 13,000 carats or something ridiculous like that. Do you know what Shadows I could exorcise with THAT bad boy! Pass the napkin, please, so I can wipe my drool off the case! (lol)
A nice chunk of Lepidolite. (6/10)

The bad news: the main exhibit prohibited flash photography; alas, I could not take any pix of the lovely things described above. :-(
The good news: there were some stones outside the main exhibit, so I was able to get some pix after all. Obviously. :-)
The best news: I asked how long the exhibit would be in the museum. The answer - "Oh don't worry, it'll be here for several years."
Did you say YEARS?!? :-D
My inner seven-year-old squealed and did a happy dance. ;-)
Raw Malachite. (6/10)

Oh, and the money I brought with me? Part of it went to grab a couple of kyanite stones, which were actually reasonably priced for my part of the world! Let's just say I paid about half as much at the museum as I would have elsewhere. They had some other stones available...which I could get for much cheaper in several metaphysical boutiques in my neck of the woods!

So, my stone-and-crystal-loving friends...should you happen to find yourself in the San Diego area at the beginning of a given month, if you have any affinity at all with the Stone People, GO to this exhibit on the first Tuesday of the month, when the Natural History museum is FREE!
I'll be happy to show you around, too... ;-)


  1. ...and the fine art museum is free today. :)

  2. We have totally GOT to get together sometime in the near future, darling! :-)