Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tiny adventures, on a tuesday :-)

Seeking out treasure in the Golden State. @ Home, 6/10

No worries, I haven't forgotten my promise to show off my TAT's as I get 'em. ;-)
It's been a most interesting roller coaster as energies pulse and ebb within and around me...and under me as well. Felt an earthquake last night that broke some dynamic tension within me as well as within Grandmother Earth! More on that later...

To the first Adventure, which was a Civic one:
English, Spanish, Filipino, and Vietnamese, I think. @ Home, 6/10

Yea, I exercised my rights as an American Citizen and executed my civic duty by voting last Tuesday. They moved my polling place to the same block where I live, just across the street - which made it ridiculously easy to go and vote and made it completely absurd to transport myself there by car. So I was happy to hoof it. :-)
One question, though, am I the only one to scratch my head and ask, "What's wrong with this picture?" Viz...
What happened to "Separation of Church & State"? @ Home, 6/10
And yes, I think the "Happy Hour" advertisement is a bit amusing as well... ;-)

As you can tell, I took my camera along to record the journey. Didn't take any pix in the voting venue itself - that might have been rather gauche - but here's some eye candy for y'all:
Glorious Purple Bouganvillea. @ Home, 6/10

This particular Tuesday, I found myself drawn to explore a lovely site closer to home: Kit Carson Park, at the southern end of Escondido.
I love the symbolism of this open gate. Kit Carson Park, 6/10

Today was an exploratory mission, looking around and seeing what I could find, and what had changed.
What has changed: they've added a "golf frisbee" course in the park, for peeps to walk around and have some fun.
What I found: Power spots galore...
Massively cool meditation spot besides a network of groves. Kit Carson Park, 6/10

...and some trails "into the bush" that I didn't take this time. Next time, though, I'm going on a mini-walkabout. ;-)

I was also very relieved to find that a pair of ponds which had been drained in a recent missing person's case had been refilled, and were still extant. Again, I saved visiting & meditating at the ponds for later.
With the upcoming energy surge that's expected to bring radical & dynamic transformation throughout the world, I suspect there will be a lot of "laters" for me to choose from!
I feel much more grounded and centered already... :-)

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  1. thanks for taking us along .. what wonderful stuff :D