Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bella Luna & the Cosmic Tsunami

Now that we are beginning to feel the incoming pulse of massive energy, I wanted to pass along some Information that I downloaded recently in the privacy of my own wetware. Yes, it's an actual channel from Yours Truly! (lol)

~Do not discount the influence of the moon in the unfolding "Cosmic Tsunami," the significant pulse of energy that is scheduled to wash over and through Mother Gaia from now through the first week of August. She will be felt in three distinct phases:

Phase 1 (full to dark moon) is going to be analogous to scraping the barrel completely clean. ANY Shadow-energy or "stuck" place that is still present in one's system will be permanently removed. Whether you release it in Serenity or have it pried out of your grip as you're kicking and screaming - well, that's your choice. Be prepared for some massive first and/or third chakra upheavals for these two weeks, but only for two weeks! :-)

(Chakra 101: The first chakra is the energy node at the base of your spine; the third is the one at your solar plexus - the one that I'm clearing out, as I've mentioned previously.)

Phase 2 (new to full moon) is going to be analogous to filling the newly cleaned barrel completely up to the top with water. Do not be surprised if all of your chakras open very widely, particularly the fourth, sixth, and seventh ones. Authenticity and True Power are going to be the themes, as the next steps (yes, plural!) of your journey are going to be revealed! ALL shall not be revealed just yet, but many questions shall finally have answers. Huzzah!
(Chakra 101: The fourth chakra is the energy node at your heart, the sixth is the node at your third eye - between your fleshy eyeballs - and the seventh chakra is the node at the crown of your head.)

Phase 3 (full to dark moon) is going to be analogous to sweeping the water in the barrel with a fine net to fish out any detrius. Okay, so you're crystal clear and you've got tons of new support to travel in the direction you've chosen - which may very well be the one you've been moving in all along. ;-) Now is the time for a check-in: am I completely aligned with this journey? What really resonates within me right now? What needs to be released right now?

This phase also aligns perfectly with Lammas, the first of autumn's Harvest Festivals, which traditionally requires one to "sacrifice" that which is no longer of service within you in order to receive the fullness of Nature's Bounty.

~VSD 6/10

Holler back with any questions, yo. :-)


  1. thanks for this comprehensive sharing of what's gonna be uP in the cosmos for the next little while.


  2. This explains alot of the things I've been feeling lately. Thank you. :) Rose