Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Beltaine, with Love...

Colorful banners welcoming in the Summer. Escondido, 5/10

I refilled my cup & replenished my energy, last weekend at Beltaine.
First was a visit to Questhaven, and a walk in their marvelous labyrinth...
(Labyrinth with a view. Questhaven, 12/09)

From there, I went to the Goddess Temple for their Sabbat ceremony. Suffice to say it was delicious! :-q I luxuriated in my sensory perceptions and jumped a bale-fire to declare my intentions to spread my Light further in the world!

Sunday was another gathering of goddesses, at the Goddess Studio, which is on the property of one of my good friends, Miss Amalya...
She has lots of beautiful statuary like this!

With my sisters, I walked a second labyrinth (on Amalya's property) and welcomed in Summer, as I held a ribbon of the central Maypole.

We hand-painted silk scarves - kata - to wear during ceremony, or just when we want to remember our Goddess Within :-)

I always love attending Amalya's events, because my inner child gets to come out and create.
You can learn more about her and her Sacred Work here. If you look very carefully, you may even find a pic or two of me there! :-)

Every year, I feel myself expand with the return of the long warm days...time to put away the sweaters and break out the skirts - time for lots of fun COLOR in the wardrobe!
The dragon within spreads her wings and emerges from her cave, soaking up the sun's heat before she leaps from the cliff's edge and takes flight! :-)

May Summer bring you many fun playdates and much deep transformation! HO!

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