Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tending the Dreaming Garden

A knot to untangle. (Balboa Park, 7/09)

Between the planting of the seeds and the harvest of the fruit, there is the work to be done to tend the garden, redirecting animals who would be pests and plants who would be weeds to forage and sprout elsewhere. Tending the garden requires patience and care, as I feed my dreams with love and water them with support.

Progress is made. I can see places that are growing. I have spontaneously sorted and filed away images that I use in my collaging. I have found new cyberspaces to play in (Hello Facebook! Badge to manifest eventually). I am micromoving my way through clearing out my little storage shed; though I haven't come to the Really Challenging Part of that adventure yet, with the support of my peeps, I'll get the shed much emptier.

Remember when I mentioned that I'd found I was really good at hiding?
Well, that part of me that Wants to Hide recently resurfaced in my awareness.
I call her the "Kept Woman," because that's what she wants to be: kept safe and secure and hidden, regardless of the cost to herself. She is willing to sacrifice all of her power, dreaming, creativity, and anything that would "turn off" another in order to be loved. Yes, she is all too ready to submit.
Lovely little archetype to Work with, eh?

That's what she is: an archetype that is embedded deeply in the Collective archetype that I have agreed to Work with. My mission is to Love her, myself, into security and safety - so I don't need to submit to anyone else.
Once I am recentered, my movement in the current becomes effortless; as I heal My*Self, so I heal the Collective Feminine. No Working in a vacuum, here!

As this Summer promises to be the Most Radically Transformative Summer ever, damn skippy I'm going to take advantage of the lightning-strike's energy. Make me every dynamic in the evening air...!

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