Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing: Tiny Adventure Tuesdays

Something new is blossoming... :-) (Balboa Park, 5/10)

Since I have a little room - okay, a LOT of room - in my schedule these days, I have been looking for ways to bring inspiration into my life, without needing to shell out mucho moolah. I have also been wanting to explore a bit more around me, because I know there are treasures of all sorts in my immediate vicinity. After all, I live in Paradise. ;-)

It started as an inquiry as to when certain museums in Balboa Park had their free admission days, because I love art, and I consider gazing at art to be a primary personal source of inspiration. Not just artwork created by humans, either: Nature is the Supreme Artiste, and the ultimate source of inspiration for said human-created artwork. If you don't believe me, take another look at the flowers above. Aren't they Gorgeous! :-D
I thought the free days would be on Saturdays, but I was wrong. They're actually on Tuesdays. So I printed out the calendar and highlighted the museums I was interested in. Then I thought: it isn't just the museums that I can go to; there are all sorts of places to go! Besides, if I step out on Tuesdays, that would mean less traffic to worry about, since many peeps are still at work during the week, and places would be less crowded on a Tuesday then on a Saturday. Brilliant!

So: here for your enjoyment (and mine), I shall present Tiny Adventure Tuesdays, or TAT's.
Now I can show off my "tats" and not have to actually get a tattoo! (lol) I am a complete wuss when it comes to needles and pain, and I happily embrace and accept my wussiness. Maybe in another life... ;-)

The first Tiny Adventure was actually last week. I reconnected with a most excellent friend and soul-sister to check out a pair of museums: the Mingei and the Japanese Friendship Gardens. (Technically, the latter isn't a museum per se, but it has a building where they show off art, and they do charge admission on the days when it's not their free Tuesday.)
I have taken a gazillion pictures in the JFG, so I'll only show you a few here. Viz...

If I remove my glasses and squint real hard, I can almost believe I'm there... ;-) (7/09)

Beauty of Bamboo (7/09)

Can't have the Japanese vibe without a Bonsai tree. (7/09)

Fusion Bonsai: a bouganvillea tamed! Can you come do that at my house? (5/10)

Koi Polloi (5/10)

Today was the second Tiny Adventure: going to Encinitas on a mission to find a pair of eco-friendly red votive candles for my altar. I did, at one of my fave metaphysical boutiques, Soulscape.
Not too far away is another haven for complete relaxation and replenishing, the SRF Meditation Gardens. I seem to see something new every time I go there. I've gushed about them before, so I won't show off the gazillion pics I've taken there, too - but in case you've missed it, here's a wee sliver of their yummy delights...
By the main entrance (5/10)

Hanging basket at the top of the steps. (5/10)

On a side path. (5/10)

At the Koi Pond. (5/10)

Next Tuesday, it will be a return to Balboa Park and the Natural History museum to salivate over, and commune deeply with, some rocks and gemstones. I'll see if I can figure out how to disable the flash on my camera so I can take decent pix and post them here! :-)

I look forward to the adventures that lie before me, both the small and the large ones. Ho.

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