Saturday, May 30, 2009

Following the...Rabbit?

Last month, when I was at the Divine Miss V's Blessingway for her new center (info to be shared when it's ready!), I had an interesting experience with the guided meditation for "connecting with your power totem animal" that was presented.
The concept of totem animals is a familiar one for me. One of my lovely shamanic teachers advised me that one can have (up to) 24 totem animals to work with. Yes, I've found all 24 of them! (lol) What she didn't tell me is that they can change within the master framework - one can leave, and another can take its place. This I've found out on my own, and would be a topic unto itself. of my totem animals is the rabbit.
As we began the meditation, I felt my place was to hold space for the other participants while they did their journeys. So I look out beyond the circle - just in time to see a rabbit hop into view! I even followed its meanderings about the land while the facilitator guided everyone else on their journey.
So: the turtle has been with me for a season. Now I am entering the new season, and there is a changing of the guard, if you will. Exit turtle, enter rabbit.

I sat with the rabbit for a time, and looked it up in my copy of Ted Andrews' Animal Speak after I'd returned back home. Two things stood out for me about the rabbit:
~They have connections to the moon. I have been moving more and more within the lunar cycle as of late, counting the months more by the phases of the moon rather than the collective agreement that is the standard calendar.
~They can change directions very quickly. This is coming more into focus this particular cycle, as Mercury gets ready to go direct again. There has been some very rapid movement in my life recently, hinting at deeper and more significant movement just ahead. I am preparing myself to go along with these major shifts...and sitting in gratitude for what is happening within and around me now. I am reminded just how very blessed and loved I am...but, again, that can be saved for another post.

So, faithful readers, there will be one more name change to this blog, right around the Solstice. I promise it will be the last one! But it won't have anything to do with rabbits. ;-)
And if I may make a final gratuitous plug - run, do not walk, to your nearest (metaphysical) bookstore and get yourself a copy of Animal Speak, or order it online! It is chock-full of juicy and deep information about many totem animals; and those that aren't covered in Animal Speak are covered in its companion book, Animal-Wise. These are must-haves for the students and observers of Life!

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  1. that was really informative. I am not sure on my totem animals but I have often felt drawn to different animals at different times and it's nice to know that can be natural and informative.