Friday, May 1, 2009

The next phase of my Healingway Journey

Serendipity introduced me to a new chiropractor in town.
I've checked him out and signed up.

He took some X-rays, and what was found was fascinating, albeit a wee bit unnerving, truth be told...
~a pelvic tilt. When I first went in, my left leg was nearly 2cm shorter than my right leg! :-o
~the very beginnings of osteoarthritis along my spine, especially in my lower back & neck. :-0
~a touch of scoliosis at the top of my spine. :-O

Immediately my mind began to consider the what behind what I was seeing in black & white before my eyes.
My working theories thus far:
~The left side of my body is my yin, feminine side. Perhaps this is my embodiment of the cultural suppression of the feminine.
~I've known my lower back was a "weak" area because of a feeling of lack of support in my life. This confirms that I'm holding Rigid Victimhood in my lower back.
~One of my first clients had scoliosis. Apparently I didn't clear myself properly after I was finished with her. Oopsie. Time for a review of shamanic protocols! ;-)

For the leg situation, I have a heel insert in my left shoe. The moment I stepped into my shoes post-insert, I could feel the balance. Now I don't want to take my shoes off! (lol) I'm also considering foot orthotics in my shoes so I can realign myself kinesthetically.

Yes, this will cost cash money. But I am being billed, in smallish amounts. And my new chiropractor's eyes got Really Wide when I handed him my (metaphysical) business card. We'll see if he's open to doing an exchange... :-)

So for the next six months, this soup has just gotten a bit spicier. It's all good, though. Totally.
Now if I could just convince my mother to stop hyperventilating at the thought of spending "more" money... (insert rolling eyes and laughter here)

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