Sunday, June 7, 2009

juicy changes

Life is getting very juicy indeed, as of late.

The challenge was getting a phone call early last week...test results came back for my mother that alarmed the doctors. As a result, she went in for a colonoscopy last Friday. It confirmed what I had already divined for her - no cancer in her system. She has internal hemorrhoids - and yes, I will stop there before I get all TMI on y'all. (lol) So now it's just a matter of gathering information and figuring out what to do next.

Meanwhile - I am going to be conspiring with one of my fellow Ninjas of Change when he comes to San Diego early next month! :-D A slice of beyond awesome stuff is about to hit Southern California; the formal announcement will come tomorrow online, and IRL sometime next week, once a few teeny details are squared away. This is my first big public venture and I am uber-excited, to borrow one of Miss Leonie's phrasings. Forget being over the moon; right now, I'm somewhere around MARS! (lol)

Thus, the final shape-shifting of ze blog...
February, 2007, I was starting from scratch, and that was the blog's name. I was releasing my "old" false life and moving into my "new" true life. Somewhat belatedly, I realized late in 2008 that I had been following the turtle for some time, so I changed the blog accordingly. Now the pace is quickening and I'm leaving the turtle behind. The seeds planted in January have sprouted and are growing quickly. I'm about to raise my profile in the world to another level - so it's finally time to have the blog name match the site address: Dancing in the Sky.

The sky is limitless and ever changing. Sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy; sometimes bright and empty, other times dark and rich and full. Its "shape-shifting" matches my own; this is why I took the name SkyDancer on my birthday in 2003. When I went to create a blog, "skydancer" was taken, so I shifted the concept around a bit, and voila! (lol)

I had planned to wait till the solstice, but this co-creation I'm going to be involved with manifested itself rather suddenly. Full moon energy, however, lends itself perfectly to such endeavors, so there you are. I promise this will be the last change I make - to this blog. I reserve the right to make a new one in the future, though... ;-)

Life is getting very juicy indeed. That word is popping up in my syntax a lot, of late: Juicy.
It fits me as I find myself coming fully alive and awake into the moment...I breathe deeply and savor the awakening, the adventure, the juiciness! This Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot! HO!

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