Thursday, May 21, 2009

~ f l o a t i n g ~

I reconnected with this sensation last week when I went to the spa at Glen Ivy.
I put my head back so that my ears were submerged, and noises were dulled. The only thing I could hear was my own breathing, or the bubbles emerging from the humming pump, depending on where I was...and I let go, surrendering into the moment.
Floating in water - a most delicious and healing sensation.
To be supported without effort, in a medium that is vital to all life...

I think it speak to our time in the womb, when we were floating in the deep, rich darkness of our mothers, gathering ourselves to emerge into the light, and we knew we were supported and loved. We did not need to hear any words; we just knew.

I floated, in the company of strangers (and one soul-sister), and felt myself totally supported and nurtured, at a time when I desperately needed to feel supported and nurtured.
I floated, and refilled my cup to overflowing, tending to my needs first, so I could then tend to others' needs.
I floated, and returned home to myself, and to the Mother.

Have you found yourself a body of water and floated in it today? :-)

1 comment:

  1. I remember our time together at glen ivy many moons ago...
    floating through the universe together....aahh, so nice to remember.
    when you come to utah I will show you some of the many natural hot springs here..there is so much beaty and Nature here, I love it!!

    until then, your sista jennlouise