Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I had found these two threads...

One thread was the fear of dying, decay, and all that - not death itself, but the journey there. (As I discuss in the previous post.)
The other thread was a familiar one: loneliness. I want to step forward into the search for Right Relationship in my life, to seek and find the Beloved, but taking that leap has not happened as of yet. Open, yet reserved - that's me.
As I journaled on Monday, I wrote about these threads, and noticed that I used one word to describe both of them: Separation.

AH! That's it!
The fear of my mortality & mortal processes signals a separation within: "mind" from "body."
The feeling of loneliness signals a separation without: *I* carry the dis*connect I feel from with world; *I* carry the shield to hold others at arm's length.

And that's the whole idea, isn't it?
Have I not been conditioned to feel "separation," in my*self and around my*self, from the beginning? Haven't we all been conditioned this way, at least in the West?
This is our POD-conditioning...what the Power-Over Dominators need us to feel in order to stay "on top," as it were.

This is the conditioning we need to transmute & release.
This is the skin I need to shed.
Separation is but an illusion - smoke and mirrors.
Forewarned is fore-armed...or is that four-legged? ;-)

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