Monday, April 21, 2008

Navigating the In*Between

Oh, hai, here I am... ;-)
In Between.

This last week or so was a challenge at work. We switched over to using a new operator software system. It turns out there were more kinks in it than we realized. (I've started a kvetching list. lol) Since we were ALL "newbies," even though some of us were a bit more familiar with it, having entered all of our current clients into it - a task that was supposed to take two weeks, but ended up taking two months, tyvm! - well, let's just say ALL of us have had at least one "moment" where we've been ready to tear our hair out & run screaming out of the office, never to return! In my case, I just ran down to the "big" bathroom (in the office complex) and spent a couple of minutes screaming my head off, and making various noises of discomfort & distress. Spleen vented, I was much better! (lol)

Meanwhile, my "sister from another mother" has finished up a chapter of her life in holding space, as it were, for her grandfather to cross over. Now that the dust has settled, the Universe has pointed her North, to relocate in San Francisco. In the middle of all the chaos, I've gone from toying with the idea of going to actually covering my shifts and, just now, purchasing my plane ticket to fly back home. Behold the Power of Consciously Intended Manifestation! :-D Significant Lessons to be learned here...!

(you know what, i think i'll come back to this later.) ;-)

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