Monday, April 28, 2008

Made it!

I post this live & direct from the lovely city of San Francisco itself. :-)

It took nearly two days of driving, many loads of packing and unpacking, and some very annoying moments of navigating tons of one-way streets (gaahhh! lol)...but it's all been worth it! The view out of g-flirt's window is incredible! I will have her email me a pic of it - which I will then see if I can upload (mm - adventures in posting pictures! lol)

We rented a hybrid car to drive up from San Diego. I had some questions about how it would do on the highways, but it did very nicely. It's very sensitive to the touch of the steering wheel, and it's totally fascinating watching the electric system at work as we're driving. I am completely sold...when my loyal Mazda Polaris finally gives up the electronic ghost, my next car will be a hybrid. You saw it here first! :-D Tomorrow I turn it in and surrender to the terribly efficient public transportation system here.

The hard part is finally over. Now the fun part can begin!
I may post more before I get home, or I may not. I don't know...

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