Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Balancing Act

After Monday evening, I was seriously re-thinking my choice about returning to the answering service.
Yes, the hours are good, the commute is good, and I get along with everyone there...but sometimes the energy there sucks hard donkey dicks, pardon my Swahili. If it's not the callers that get to me, it's the arrogant clients, who must think all of the operators are brainless.
As well, I like to eat leisurely, and not have to bolt down a mouthful of food just because a call rings in on my board. I also find myself ravenous during checkout (when clients turn their phones over to us and they go home for the day), and often after I get off work. I function best on a full stomach. These things cannot be healthy.

The lunar eclipse that took place Monday night/Tuesday morning was not helping the situation, either!!

Now, I have been experimenting with snacking mid-afternoon (on fruit & nuts) and waiting until after checkout to grab my dinner. This has helped.
I also sat down and did a cost/benefit analysis around the job. The costs matched up with the benefits pretty well down the line. Neither category was bigger than the other.
So I came to the conclusion that it was time to start walking my walk, since I was already talking the talk.
I set an intention that it would be a good day. I kept myself centered. I breathed deeply while I enjoyed my quick strolls around the building. And today passed infinitely better than Monday did.
Oh, there was an arrogant client, but I had fun with the situation today.

Today I chose to regard this job as a place to hone my spiritual practice still further.
I will choose this option again if and when I forget.

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