Thursday, September 13, 2007


Last week, they did a little repainting at the answering service.
I thought I was going to die.
I hadn't had a major reaction to paint before - but that was before I began my spiritual journey.
I drank a lot of water to clear myself out.
I'm back to "normal," now...

I find that "artificial" scents, for the most part, set me off.
For instance - mother loves "Bam," the super cleanser. I can't stand it.
She is courteous enough to wait until I've left, at least, before she uses it.

On the other side of the coin, "natural" smells set her off, where I have a greater tolerance for them.
As an example, she's always bugging me to clean out the litter box.
The metaphysical explanations for these things are food for thought...

And speaking of food:
She eats mostly bread these days.
I don't eat bread anymore. Or pasta. They contain gluten, which I have successfully reduced in my diet. Too much "glue" in gluten kept me bound to "lower" vibrations!
So it's kind of a Jack Sprat thing between us. ;-)

Physical sensitivity isn't the only thing that's been refined...
I mentioned at the outset of this blog, "dead people talk to me."
I sense someone coming by as a "disturbance in the Force." At first, I would feel vertigo within me. As I'm not fond of vertigo, I've asked for a different way for discarnate individuals to announce their presence. That's a work in progress at the moment.

I am beginning to see moments in time where realities split off.
Originally, this was as a result of a "near-miss" in my car. A well-timed step on the gas pedal got me out of what would have been a nasty accident...yet a significant part of my soul experienced that accident, where my car was T-boned. It took me about a day to regather my*self after that incident.
Not too long ago, I witnessed a near miss between two other cars - yet I "saw" the accident that "should have happened" unfold in an alternate reality.
This doesn't really unnerve me, since I am a science-fiction junkie ;-) and am familiar with the concept of alternate realities and "what-if's" that can alter the space-time continuum.
Still, for someone who was a Classically Trained Western Scientist and looked down her nose at the idea of "psychic abilities"...I'm not doing terribly bad, eh?

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