Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the nitty-gritty

Betimes, I find myself sitting in Judgment of the people who are calling our client companies during my shift. I wonder if some of them are blithering idiots. I know some of them are complete A-Souls.

Then I judge myself, for judging others. Get thee off of thy high horse! I chide myself. We are all swirling in the soup together, as SARK would say, and all that.

Judgment, insofar as I can tell, though, is a perfectly human trait. And if I am nothing else, I am perfectly human.

So I start considering - what does it mean to be "spiritual" and "enlightened," anyway?
I find myself looking at the current paradigm and find it wanting.
Forsaking the material~changing your life to reflect only light and fluffy clouds~all the asceticism and purification attached.

Star medicine, totally.
This Earth girl is subverting the paradigm. ;-)
Simply, really...to be Present, and In Joy with life.

All right, perhaps I can come in to work and hold the callers in Compassion, since I don't know the whats and whys in their lives.
But I reserve the right to call a spade a spade, if the idiot is blithering enough - for there are times in the month when I don't suffer fools at all.

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