Friday, August 17, 2007

Personal Responsibility

Where has it gone??

I find myself shaking my head in utter bemusement at the profound lack of it in those who call in to our client companies. Whatever happened to listening to your intuition? Whatever happened to getting out the old phone book, or hopping online to your favorite search engine, and finding the information yourself? Whatever happened to calling the person you're looking for, f'godssakes??

The people calling in for their doctors frightens me deeply - giving all of your power over to someone else to make the decisions for you and your body?! or your child's body?!? WTF?

Yes, it's cultural conditioning on the deepest level...between the fear-mongering that is running rampant today, and the subtle insistence of Letting "Them" Choose for You Because "They" Know You Better Than You Know Yourself.

Been there, done that, not going back again.

The awakened soul sees all the other souls sleepwalking, and desires more than anything to yell "WAKE UP!" at them. But alas, the whole tangled web of liability forces her to bite her tongue.

(still, it could be worse...instead of suing each other for difference of opinion, we could be shooting at each other... *insert shudder here*)

This is why I pray for World Enlightenment, instead of World Peace.
"Peace" for you may mean a very different thing than "Peace" for me.
Besides, once everyone can see what they're doing (in the Light), then everything is possible, including Peace.

le sigh. end of rant.

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