Monday, August 27, 2007

checking in

I come to realize that those parts I wasn't liking in myself, those parts that are emboldened to surface when I'm working my shift at the answering service, are the very parts I need to exploit in order to keep my sanity.

My job gives me opportunities to practice Absolute Acceptance with my*self, and deepen the self love that I have been practicing this year - both in allowing these "muggle" bits to flourish at work, and in giving myself the care I need outside of work. Right now, that "care" is consisting of mini-adventures...driving into the towns that border mine, and allowing myself to play turista, just exploring with no agenda, making note of interesting places to show any friends who might drop by to visit... :-)

More shifts are going on beneath the surface. I'm reading Barbara Brennan's Light Emerging right now, as a part of my ongoing Work. I can read a single sentence, and react to it, and feel things transforming within me - to where I have a completely different view in the space of a few minutes! More on that later, when things have had time to percolate...

And I say "yes" to it all, and hang no expectations on the outcome.

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