Sunday, March 11, 2007

Now What?

After I quit my job, I refrained from actively seeking new employment, or making any significant movement towards manifesting my dreams, because there was a major trip coming up for me at the end of February/start of March: a nice "little" holiday in Australia.

I returned home this past Thursday. I'm still processing the whole experience, not to mention three rolls of film and a bunch of digital pictures. ;-) I will be sharing some of my thoughts about the whole excursion in the near future...

It was interesting, though, on the train trip home - Okay, the big adventure has come and gone. Now what?

In a sense, this is the point where I am starting from scratch. Nothing huge on the horizon to look forward to, to put all my energies into.

I had one poker in the fire already: my engagement at the Philosophical Libary on the 25th. The Universe then presented to me a woman asking for my services as a Priestess, not 48 hours after my return! :-o Excellent! (Of course, I have accepted.)
I perused the want-ads in today's paper, and found two opportunities right off the bat. Tomorrow will also be a good time to put together (finally!) my job manifestation board.

Now what?
Now the fun really begins. :-)
Now I return to full engagement with the life I have Here & Now.

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