Friday, March 23, 2007

Authenticity, Now! YES!!

This year, I chose to re-read my Sarah Ban Breathnach books concurrently.
She writes her books so that you can do that. :-)

I first read - and wrote in - her Simple Abundance Companion in 2003. Even, then, I was yearning to leave the muggle job world. As I reread her words and my words, it hit me:
I've done it.
I'm living the Authentic Life I craved for soooo very long, Right Now!
(I did a little happy dance when I realized this)

I tell those who ask that I'm taking a "sabbatical" from working.
I'm not telling them, though, that it might very well become a permanent one. ;-)

Now, should circumstances dictate it necessary, I will get myself a job to support myself until my spiritual endeavors become large enough to support me. But there is no rush at all, and perhaps this move won't even be necessary.
I savor this moment deeply...

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