Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Business Cards

Recently, while I was talking to my friend P., I mentioned the three things that I would need for any new endeavors of mine: business cards, a website, and a cell phone. This blog you're reading right now would be the first step towards my own website. :-)

The cellphone has yet to manifest into my life, but as for the business cards...
I was still working at the synagogue when I made this proclamation. A few days later, one of our graphics vendors came by to drop off some business cards with the new logo. He said they were for everybody. Yeah, right, I thought at the time - for I assumed "everybody" meant "senior staff," and if you weren't senior staff (which I wasn't), you got squat.
So I looked in the box, and lo! This time, "everybody" really meant everybody!
I got my own business cards!!
I burst out laughing, for although it was fabulous that I finally had my own cards, I was going to be leaving the synagogue very soon! Be careful what you wish for, indeed! I made a note to myself: must be very specific when requesting manifestations! ;-)

So what does this have to do with anything?
I just made my own business cards...for FREE. I only have to pay for shipping & handling. They are going to look fantastic. They are going to be accurate. They are going to be Authentic!

Here's the gratuitous plug for their website:
I'm bubbling with excitement right now. A key component made manifest! WHOOHOOO!

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