Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year of the Micromovement

In the spirit of the season, as the old year is rung out and the new one is rung in, I thought I'd join in on the reflections.

This past year has seemed like I've taken a thousand micromovements in various directions. Sure, there were some major movements in this year-that-is-passing, but they were the exception, rather than the rule. I felt as though I were moving at the pace of the ant, the snail, the turtle - Very Slowly, and with lots of naps in between.

Considering all that was going on within me, though, I don't think I could have moved any faster if I'd wanted to. On my Facebook page, I have an album for the Big Glow retreats that I attended "this" year. I call it Realization. Indeed, that is what has happened to me.
Although I've talked a lot about being a priestess of the world, I micromoved into this role, claiming it and owning it completely, in 2010. Now, I truly AM the Priestess. I am a different woman than I was in January; hell, I'm a different woman than I was at the start of this month! (lol)

To sum, a bit...
The first realignment was complete at the Spring Equinox. I left everything muggle behind and rededicated myself to my Life Purpose, BE-ing the Priestess fully and completely!
The second realignment was complete at the Fall Equinox. I entered the higher frequencies of the "new" reality that is unfolding before us, more and more every day. The differences between who I was and who I am became readily apparent!
The third realignment was complete just after Samhain. Came the dawn of the Seventh (Mayan) day, and I was the anchoring point of a lovely Rainbow of the Goddess! The first steps of my new journey came clear!
The fourth realignment has just been completed, with Mercury going direct again. I seem to have returned to serenity, and awakened from hibernating. I'm still moving slowly, but it's the slowness of the Dreamer shifting back into the place of Wakefulness. I'll be moving more rapidly soon enough!

I don't doubt there will be further realignments, but they're more of a fine-tuning now, instead of an overhaul.

2010 is/was also the year to Work on those Shadows that lay underneath all the rest, bringing them up into my awareness and fully understanding them. I have released what no longer serves me, but find that there's still shadow-material present, after all is said and done...and this is okay. I have come to that place where I don't need to "fix" or "destroy" anything; all that is present is good As It Is, Right Now. After all the Work I have done, that's a lovely feeling indeed!

Ten thousand baby steps later, I turn and see that I've come a very long way.
And the best part is - I've just gotten started. :-)

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