Friday, January 7, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air...

That's what 2011 feels like so far. It's a power*full breeze as well; I've been a busy little bee these first few days in! A new blog to tend to, new Wisdom to share, new places to go, people to see, and things to do...the seeds I have planted have broken the surface. I have wee sprouts around me! :-)

I started the New Year off with a bang - or should I say, a drumroll...
Getting ready to paint the town red. (San Diego, 1/11)

The Red Lotus Society presented a little event called Peace in the Streets, asking folks to come and stand on the street corners in downtown San Diego and perform as the spirit moved them, in the name of promoting peace (and self-realization, and lots of other groovy stuff). Sounded like the perfect opportunity to go bang on ze drum, and I did - much to the dismay of one gentleman who lived right above me on the corner where I was rocking! But it was all good, and I kept the beat going later that evening with my sisters of the San Diego Women's Drum Circle! All told, I think I drummed for about five hours on the first day of the New Year! My body told me about it tomorrow..."Darling, you're not 21 anymore - and you're moving further away from that age by the DAY!"
I know, I know - but I still feel youth*full!

I have been putting together my 2011 with much deliberate attention and focused awareness...listing my goals, fasting at the dark moon to clear my body of any lingering ickiness from the previous year, envisioning what this new year will look like, and feeling myself moving again. Finally! As I said to my friend S. yesterday, "I'm done micromoving. I'm ready to GO!" Here's the brilliant part...I am going! :-)

Tomorrow I debut the first of my monthly Wisdom-Sharing Circles. Sunday I'm going to immerse myself in Real Life and move my body, still my mind. I have Creations to manifest and ceremony to plan. I realized the other day...I am living my Priestess Life right now. Okay, there may be a few aspects of my reality that are lagging behind just a tad. No worries; instead of dropping back down to be with these aspects that are lagging, so that I don't get "too ahead of myself," I'm going to work on lifting said aspects up to where I am now. I don't think I could live a "low-frequency" life anymore even I wanted to - and I definitely don't want to!

So envision me, grinning like the cat that ate the canary, as I play about with my Creations, online and offline, carefully cultivating them for a most bounty*full harvest. This is definitely going to be a Year of AWESOME!
Saving a serene seat for resting later. (San Diego, 1/11)

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