Monday, December 27, 2010

More notes (from the Bear's Cave)

Ah. Finally I feel enough mojo to write again! Thus and so...

This Yuletide has been rather low-key, with a few intense spots scattered here and there...but I've mostly been following the Natural cycle, instead of the human one. I've been feeling my Bear medicine and having a nice Winter's nap - though I have been interrupted now and again. Initially, my reaction is always the same: muttering dark imprecations under my breath before growling, "I'd really like to return to my cave, thank you!" But, I manage to talk myself into playing nice instead of going back into my cave; with a few more grumbles, I get myself up and running (or at least shuffling) into the new day. There is definitely a sense of "I'll worry about that tomorrow" going on right now. As I swim beneath the holiday hoopla, have I finally found acceptance for my life As It Is, or is this a form of apathy? Or maybe somewhat of both? Something to consider over a cup of tea, for sure.

Speaking of wanting to "do it tomorrow," more often than not...I've found the source of some pesky resistance to being an entrepreneur, or at least tooting my horn louder than I have been. I find myself to be the type of artiste who prefers solitude and seclusion, coming out every now and again with something shiny and new, but wanting to be done with the whole "promotional" affair as quickly as possible before returning to my cave and going back to Creating new things. Even better - I'd love to have someone else do the "muggle-work" for me so I wouldn't have to do it! I know there are some Shadows tied to this, so perhaps there's some Work to be done in this arena; there's also a need to cultivate that inner businesswoman who is not afraid to toot her own horn loudly, proudly, and often! Perhaps this will be one of my New Year's resolutions...

The New Year, aye. There's another, semi-selfish reason why I'm hiving off my Wetware posts into a separate blog: They're starting to "take over" this blog. I want this space to be personal, and cozy, and quirky; besides, having sat with the concept for a while, I can see the Wetware blog as being/becoming more business-oriented and professional. I'm not sure if I'll offer my CD on just that blog, or on both blogs, yet...but I'm definitely going to offer my Informational "chicken scribbles" on the other blog. Very soon now, friends!

Perhaps this will get me into the mood: a very juicy event unfolding on New Year's Day in Downtown San Diego. It's called Peace in the Streets. I plan on bringing my drums that day and seeing what magick will unfold. This will then segue very nicely into the first drum circle with my sisters for the year as well! So I will be Drumming in the New Year; maybe the rhythms will carry me forward and inspire me to do some more significant Work! Emphasis on more - I will have a few IRL things to toot my own horn about in the near future, on one or both blogs...

Well, it's just past midnight here and now. So I think I'll put this bear to bed. Gods know when I'll get up tomorrow, especially with an immanent trip to the Moon Lodge on top of everything else! (lol)

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