Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From the Wetware: Optimizing GO-Time!

Window into the future as it begins to manifest into the present. (Northern CA, 1/09)

Talking with soul-siblings over the past few days, we're all in agreement that something BIG is on the horizon; various articles I've read, along with a few news items that have blipped on my personal radar screen, confirm this feeling.
Guess what?
Go-Time starts TODAY!

From the new moon (9/8) to the full moon (9/23 or so), there is a huge energetic pulse enfolding us. This is what normally happens every year on the way to the Equinox, which in some parts of the world will be occurring on the exact same day as the full moon! Oh yeah...Shift is Happening!
The advice I'm receiving about this fortnight of activity - Be Mindful of what you're asking for, and Be Specific as well!

You've heard the expressions, "Be careful what you wish for, because you're going to get it," and "Energy flows where Attention goes," yes? These are going to be your guideposts. Examine your thoughts, your wishes, your desires with a microscope to make sure you're in total alignment with your Full Authentic Power! This is a time where the gap between Intention and Manifestation is going to be very small, if extant at all! :-o
Now, remember when I said Mercury Retrograde was a good time to revise your Master Plan? This is the time to roll it out. As you do, be specific. Be active. Be current. Be positive. Dream not just big, but uber-gigantic!
If you like to use metaphors: get out your favorite color of balloon tonight. Blow into it a little bit every day for the next two weeks. At the full moon/Equinox, let the balloon go into the Universe, totally confident that your dreams are manifesting even now, as you read this! HUZZAH! :-)

In case you're curious, I'll be fine-tuning my energies during this time, cultivating the lotus of Feminine Energy as she continues to bloom within me and erasing a few remaining vestiges of resistance that I've found within me, still clinging stubbornly like barnacles on a rock within my physical being...
What shall we co-create today, hmmm? :-D

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