Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Whenever you're ready, darling..."

When I see the crow, I know to keep my eyes open for Opportunity. @Home, 7/09

Sometimes the door swings open in front of me, but it takes me a moment or two to notice it, and a moment or two more to walk through it...

Two days before I posted about my very clean slate, I listened in on a teleclass with SARK, the artist also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy. It was her first "Dream Boogie" teleclass, and she was offering it for free.
Free schmoozing with SARK? Say no more, dahlink! (lol)
So I listened. I even briefly participated. And I thought that would be the sum total of my experience.
The Universe had other ideas, apparently...

It took me a total of three days to realize that Serendipity and Synchronicity, those two sly Divine ninja sisters, had delivered to me yet again that which I was needing at just the right moment. The reason it took so long for me to wake up and smell the roses this time around was the cost for this particular course...a little more than what I'd paid for other e-courses in the past.
But the excitement that bubbled up in me from the teleclass wouldn't go away, not entirely. And after I did the math - oh hey, that wasn't such a bad price after all. So on the night of the 17th, I took a teeny little leap of faith and signed up for the class.

It's already producing dividends:
I'm finding a few issues that need some addressing, and some gentle breaking down and moving through.
I'm making a whole slew of new friends who are also wanting some nurturing of their dreams, and reconnecting with some "older" friends as well.
I'm letting my inner artiste out to play - I've been writing answers to questions with a Red pen! Love it! And I've broken out my Blue, Green, and Purple pens to play with as well! (which gives me an opportunity to play with COLOR on this blog! Hee!) ;-)

I am feeling very good about the next few weeks coming up; I feel like I'm going to be expanding into being this Whole Soul, reintegrating old dreams with new possibilities, and getting back on track. Just what the witch doctor ordered! (lol)

I am very thankful that the Universe is patient with me, when I need a little extra time to take off the blinkers and SEE what is right in front of me!
Onward, omnes!

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