Saturday, April 24, 2010

Political Post: "Beyond" Earth Day

{Disclaimer: now and again I'm going to comment on what's going on in the greater world. This is a "political post" and I'm expressing my opinion. This is my opinion only; agree or not as you choose. Be advised as well that while disagreement is perfectly expected and acceptable, venemous responses will be deleted. Now, onto the post.}

It's been more like "Earth Week" than "Earth Day," but amidst all the hoopla surrounding this occasion, a few ideas have been nibbling at the edges of my conscious awareness, which refuse to stay in my head any longer. So...

The news flash for all of the environmentalists and eco-activists: Believe it or not, Grand/Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama, however you wish to name Her, is not going to go "belly up" anytime soon. The idea that we as a species could do so much damage to Her as to destroy Her is laughable, if you look at the Big Picture. The asteroid that crashed into Her 65 million years ago did far more damage than anything we could ever do! Sure, it would take Her a few million years to heal Herself, should we happen to obliterate ourselves in our attempt to evolve beyond our Shadows, but She Would Do It - then offer another species the same opportunity to evolve.
As to which species would take up the challenge? Dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants, maybe even money, though, is on the cephalopods - the octopus & squid. In their case, they'd consider land "The Final Frontier" - !

So what exactly is going on?
Well, depending on who you ask, She's either rebirthing Her*Self or entering Menopause. I find myself resonating more with the latter theory; then again, I'm bypassing Motherhood altogether in this lifetime (ooh, there's a juicy future topic for discussion!) and may be a bit biased. ;-)
There is, however, something that IS out of whack and needing to be fixed - not our planet, but our relationship to Her.
The Native American people often speak of being "in Right Relationship" with each other and with the Earth...and in truth, some of the human "tribes" have not been in Right Relationship with Her for millennia. We've been engaged in taking-taking-taking and not giving back in equal measure; instead, we've been giving back garbage, literally!

It's not the Earth that's in danger of being destroyed - it's humanity's ability to live and thrive on the Earth that's endangered. We don't need to save Her as much as we need to save Ourselves. No one and no*thing else is going to do the Work that needs to be done.
It starts with the individual. It starts with you - and with me.

So we look within ourselves, shift out of Fear and into Love, one Shadow at a time. We Awaken from the Nightmare of the Grand Illusion and return to our roots - return to the Grand/Mother. As we heal ourselves, we heal our relationships with each other. As we heal our relationships with each other, we heal the planet. Right Relationship is restored.
If we put as much effort into healing ourselves and each other as we seem to be doing to destroy ourselves and each other, Earth Day would be every day - and it would truly be a Celebration!

So what's it going to be, my friends? Submit to the Grand Illusion of "gloom and doom" or see beyond it to what's really going on, and acting accordingly?
Or, to borrow the question from The Matrix: Are you going to take the blue pill, or the red one?

(ps - I took the red pill) ;-)


  1. I loved this post so much, was only talking bout Mother Earth and what she is up to with a group of very conscious women last week. I too think she may be in Menopause, (that is hilarious analogy but resonates so much with me too), your thoughts regarding our relationship with her needs to be fixed We do Not need to fix her. Love love love it. Thankyou so much for sharing.

  2. I agree; I am so sick of all the hoopla nonsense about what dire straights we are in and I resent the fact that it is scaring my grand kids. I would rather the teacher's take them outside and show them how to plant a tree or just read under a tree..great post