Monday, February 15, 2010

So this must be Grace...

In this state of Grace, my soul blooms like the sweet lotus. (Balboa Park, 7/09)

To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage. ~Lao Tzu

With the start of the new lunation, I find myself in an entirely new place...
It is a place of calm. Relaxation. Serenity. Beauty.
So this must be what Grace feels like.
I've had glimpses and moments of this sort of satori, but never with this profoundly grounded and centered and harmonious flavor - and it's not going away. I find myself continuing to expand into it, and vice versa.

The synchronicities have been rather lovely as of late...
~My Goddess for this season of Spring (as selected from Doreen Virtue's excellent Goddess Guidance Oracle deck) is Guinevere. "True Love" is her message. There was new moon drumming at the Goddess Temple this past weekend, and guess Who was featured? The very same Goddess! (lol) Had I not been still recovering & shifting, I would have attended, but my inner guidance was all for staying home, and I wasn't in a mood to argue. ;-)
~Lots of messages of LOVE have also been coming up in my radar, from the utterly juicy quote above to the trio of "love" videos that were recently featured at my online homebase. I have come into the Knowing of what it is to love another deeply, and receive that deep love in return. I am so very blessed and grateful; in expressing my gratitude, I receive even more blessings. I find myself being filled with warm fuzzies...and it feels delicious!

Not only am I deeply in love with myself, I find myself deeply loved by others. This is especially full*filling to me, for I once saw myself as "unlovable." That state of existence, fortunately, has long since vanished.

On another front, I officially have one more week of strictly overnight/graveyard to go. Then there will be a major shifting of schedules, and I will be "walking between the worlds," as it were: two days of interaction in my "old" shift, two of solitude in my new one.
One interesting thing has come out of my little nocturnal experiment: a few years ago, it would have been perfect, for I was very much in that "lone wolf" mode of operation. Since I have come home to myself in this last year or so, though, the graveyard life is not as good a fit. I miss my connections. I miss interaction. I do indeed wish to turn the "me" into "we" - and more, I feel that I am ready to do so. :-)

In my expansion, new seeds are placed into my hands. The time is here to plant them and see what sprouts...

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