Sunday, July 26, 2009

play~date :-)

When I went to Balboa Park last Sunday (gods, it's only been a week?! lol) for the Pride festival, one thing that was NOT a pain in my tuchis was parking.
I went to the Old Naval Hospital, parked, and lo! a shuttle took me to the event. While the shuttles were only for Pride itself, the park does provide tram service from the parking lot into the park itself, smack dab in the midst of the museums. Cost - you're gonna love this: FREE! :-)

A part of me said, last Sunday, I'm coming back next weekend.
The feeling only got stronger as I moved through the week. It hit especially hard Thursday...
I realized I had almost lost the memory of how content I could be in my own company.
I was all but aching to jump out of my routine, if only for a little while.

So, giving myself the space I needed...
Friday night, showered by candlelight. Yes, bathing by candlelight is totally soothing, but don't knock showering by candlelight either. Just make sure they're big candles, and not too close to the shower curtain.
Saturday, rose fairly early, for me. Breakfasted, dressed, slathered on sunscreen, pulled a few things together, including my digital camera - and I was off!

I had so much fun there today, I'm already checking my calendar and planning a return trip! :-)
What did I do? Obeyed my instincts! Sought out Nature!
Visited the Botanical Garden exhibit, which is totally free. Sat for a time listening to the waterfalls and soaking in the beauty.
Walked a bit over to the sculpture garden, also free. Pondered what exactly what the artist was thinking when he shaped the rock into something I have no bloody idea what it is. ;-)
Walked a bit more to the Japanese Friendship Garden, where I'd also lunch. Total cost: $10 plus change. Then again, I'm totally biased towards Japan.

I let my camera be my eyes...
Lotus blossoms called to me.
Koi fish called to me.
Bonsai trees called to me.
Gates & gardens called to me.
I took a gazillion pictures. Managed to whittle it down to less than 75.
I'll choose the best & post them, once I've uploaded them.
In the meantime, I've already promised myself a visit to the Rose/Flower Gardens next time. And to stay longer next time.
And to avoid Hawaiian Ices for dessert next time. The amount of sugar that's in the flavored syrups they use is deadly. It nearly did me in!

ps - didn't get sunburnt, either. yay me. :-)


  1. Hey, sorry we missed you two weeks in a row in Balboa Park. I agree with you that it's a special place. Sorry we left for the Convention Center before we got your note. We wallowed in the unique magic that is Comic-Con for almost 12 hours. Pooped today. Hugs......

  2. Sounds like a splendidly restorative weekend! I love to shower by candlelight...and even in the dark!