Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stepping up to the plate

Plans changing in the blink of an eye...

Just before I left for North Carolina, my ninja co-conspirator informed me that he didn't think he would be coming out here to SoCal immediately after the retreat, as we had planned. Having touched base with him over the weekend, I agree with him. Flying with the remains of a sinus infection, along with a new root canal, would probably be very taxing. Send him some warm fuzzies if you're so inclined, please, so he can come out and play later...

So when I got back home and had settled in, it was time to do a little scrambling.
The Well Within will be happy to reschedule us; I will most likely be posting the new details for that very shortly. As for Awakenings, the date is more solid. Rebooking is possible, but not reschduling. Okay, fine.

When I'd initially read Brian's email, my heart sank and I was despondent for about a minute and a half. Then the light bulb went on - if he can't do a workshop, I can! So I kept that card in my back pocket, and will be playing it tomorrow night in Orange County. Yes, this fearless ninja-witch of change will be rocking the house!
So if you are reading this, and thinking of not coming tomorrow night, please do. It will be a different experience, yes...but no less juicy! :-)

As in my Work, so at my work: my supervisor had to leave unexpectedly to take care of a family emergency, so guess who was tapped to fill in for her for the evening? Yup, I was a stunt supervisor! The night flowed smoothly, and all was well, but I don't think I'll be angling to make this a permanent change. My truth flows out of me much more readily these days, and I'm likely to tell it like it is to some of our more "irking" clients if I get an opportunity to! FYI - Scorpio is rising in my chart!

Moving at the speed of Life, and keeping in the center of the flow...

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