Thursday, June 11, 2009


One of several suggestions my chiropractor made to me was to do a total body cleanse. I resisted initially, at first...but after my body agreed with him, I signed on. It's a nine-day cleanse in total, preceded by two "pre-cleanse" days. I've just finished the first of the detoxing days, basically fasting the entire day. (I say "basically" because the occasional raw organic almond, and some chewable vanilla-flavored wafers, have passed between my lips - but that's IT!)

I've done juice fasts before, but they've always ended around sunset. This is my first day of significant fasting. It's been interesting - interludes of significant hunger followed by periods of feeling "full." Something in at least one the products that gives me "asparagus pee." (You know what I'm talking about if you've ever eaten asparagus! lol) And then there's the timing of it all: I deliberately waited until an entire waning moon cycle to begin this journey, because I wanted this releasingway to occur within the natural rhythms. Along with any physical releasing that may take place, I'm also holding intentions of releasing any lingering obstacles or blockages within me for good and all. That which no longer serves or resonates with me, I now release effortlessly.

As within, so without...I've also been going through my art supplies. I finally gathered together all of my scattered goodies and have been sorting through everything - wondering if I really need six different shades of sky-blue coloring pencils, among other things! (lol) I have a bag of giveaways slowly filling up, preparing to be paid forward during some succulent gathering of women or another. In turn, this is the first step of an overall purge & purification through the house. I suspect I'll be more cleansing than releasing this time around, but things Will Be Released! HO!
(and yet again the Universe provides me with assistance in this, in perfectly divine timing...thank you Miss Leonie & Miss Lisa!) ;-)

I'm having fun with this linking stuff. Pictures to follow, perhaps...?!

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