Saturday, June 13, 2009

On the other side (part 1)

Two days of fasting. Wow. :-o
~I feel lighter, perhaps not physically, but definitely energetically.
~I gained some very valuable insight into a lingering Shadow of mine: the fear of deprivation. I'll post some more about that once I'm done with the whole releasingway...
~I have begun my yoga practice! I'm only doing a handful of the asanas/poses right now, but I'm adding to my routine every (other) night, and working some of the (Western) back exercises in to boot!
~Ate some actual solid food about an hour or so ago. OMFG - the tastes! the textures! It's a food renaissance all over again! (lol)

My first food renaissance was when I had been following Sunrider's regime for a while. Suddenly, my mind - and my palate - realized there was more to food than macaroni & cheese! (lol)
This is my second food renaissance...really tuning in and savoring what I'm eating! In this case: jasmine rice, lentils, and vegetarian baked beans - all organic, of course! - garnished with some mild salsa & wrapped up in romaine lettuce leaves, burrito-style...Green-Bergamot tea sweetened with stevia to chase it down. All purchased from my ultra fave food store, Trader Joe's. Yes, I love them soooo much, I'm giving them a gratuitous link plug! (lol)
And the feeling one has, after having not eaten, and then eating well - can we say Endorphin Rush? (lol)

So I'm basking in a bliss space right now, gathering up gratitudinals for my nightly meditation & prayer session before I retire for the night...

And as always, doing my not-so-secret ninja work. ;-)


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