Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Boy howdy, it's been a strange one!

First, I can now expand on the woman*stuff that I've been processing...
I have brought my awareness into this being a woman in this lifetime. I have brought the Earth & Star energies within me into greater harmony. During the new moon that began this year, I felt myself sinking into my body, taking root in it still further. As I reconnect with my woman*self, I understand, more & more, the struggles & the suppression that women have faced under the power-over dominator paradigm. As without, so within - I've had a few major lightbulbs go off over my head as I've realized my struggle and the struggle have been the same on many wavelengths. Truly, the work that we do within us changes the world around us!

Second, the more I've gotten attuned to these finer frequencies, the nastier work has become!
I'm going to be letting this go and moving on sooner rather than later. The vibration at work is so soul-deadening! I find my enthusiasm and motivation staying at home instead of coming with me out into the world; I find people content to stay in their prisons and not work to make Change in their lives...and don't get me started about some of the sleepwalking fools that call us, believing themselves to be the center of the Universe, customers & clients alike! I find myself getting snarly and sarcastic just to survive the day - and I find myself completely wiped after the day is done and I'm squared away at home! If I'm going to help people work through their Shadows, I need to do it in an environment that helps the healer and the recipient, and what I've got going right now is so NOT it!

So, once mother and I figure out taxes, and once they've switched over to the new answering system at work, I am gone. Done. Call me when you're ready to wake up, okay?

Then there's the whole "Dark Night of the Collective Soul" that's unfolding for most of this year. See, if you follow the Mayan calendar timeline (which I peek in on now & again), the Fifth Night began mid-November '07. Heavy & intense Shadow-energy is resurfacing during this time...the same energy last present during the World Wars, and before that, the Dark Ages. The power-over dominators are trying to use this energy to consolidate their position against the Transition that is approaching in 2011-12 - but this is a golden opportunity to take these Shadow energies and shift them for good and all, releasing those things that hold us back as a species and haven't served us for a very long time! It's not easy work by a long shot, but it's well worth the effort.

Take these things, add some "PMS," which is really a signal to go within to the Moon Lodge, and position it in the season of Winter, the time for hibernation - and yah, it really is a strange trip!
Fortunately Imbolc is just around the corner.
So I put a few things off till Spring begins to tiptoe across the earth in this hemisphere, and allow other things to come together slowly and easily. I'll be all right; just excuse me while I hit the snooze button... ;-)

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