Thursday, January 24, 2008

confession time...

I think I finally put two and two together, though it's been obvious for a while...

Every job I've had, there's come a time where I feel "trapped" in it.
I haven't found that one job that fills me with enthusiastic joy, where I can't wait to get to work that day.
What I think I need to do is temp.
I've flirted with the idea before, but I've been reluctant to commit to temping. The last time, because I wanted "only" part-time work.
Now, though, I've grown up a little. ;-)

I see that I can put up with pretty much anything as long as I know it will come to an end eventually - maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even next month, but it's not "forever."

So here's the plan right now:
Work at the answering service till May. Put in my notice May 1st. Have a week of downtime before I make a very special Spiritual Journey with one of my co-conspirators to Utah. Come June, I hit the temp agencies, when summer jobs begin to open up.

By that time, temping should be only one piece of my income puzzle. :-)

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