Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rick Springfield

I went with one of my dearest friends to see him Saturday evening at a local casino.
It's only the second concert I've ever attended. ;-)
He was also performing at the first concert I attended. (It was a great motivation to get a driver's license! lol)

It was his videos that captured my attention, that I went ga-ga over.
"Human Touch" made me sit up and take notice.
"Souls" was rather interesting.
"Love Somebody" & "Don't Walk Away" were nice...but it was "Bop 'Till You Drop" (the heavy duty sci-fi one) that really spoke to me, and came to me at a point in my life when I needed something outside of myself to focus on.
I was in junior high school, aka The Deepest Pit of Hell. Suffice to say, it wasn't pretty.
"BTYD" gave me a safe place to crawl into and explore, to create a story based on what had unfolded in five minutes on MTV. The story that arose from the video was the first one I chose to write down; I'm still working on it. (That may be the topic of another post down the line...)
From that point on, my ears were pricked for New Things About Rick.

Back to yesterday, and the concert.
He came out into the crowd and was less than five feet from where I was standing at one point. I must say, after all this time, he was still looking rather fine! Were it 1984 again, or even 1998, I would have tried very hard to touch him somehow, at least exchange a high-five. But here, in 2007, I was content to watch him pass by...while I wore a grin from ear to ear. :-D

I noticed other women, and even some men, whipped into an ecstatic frenzy as they watched the concert - dancing, singing along, screaming more often than not.
I noticed these feelings were absent in me, where once they would have been present.

It's times like this when I realize just how much I've changed since I've begun this metaphysical/spiritual journey. When a rock star produces a "merely" warm fuzzy feeling within.
Truth be told, I'd gotten more excited after attending a metaphysical lecture by Barbara Hand Clow the night before, because I could see how the future was falling into place, and the ideas, the Information that was coming to me, made me downright giddy, and practically skip into the house!
Okay, I'm threatening to digress wildly again... ;-)

Rick will always have a place in my heart, even if it doesn't beat as rapidly at the sound of his voice as it used to. Rock on, brother.

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