Friday, July 15, 2011

(31 in 31 - #7) BEing with~in Nature...

"Naiad Grove" (Gerton, NC 5/11)
The joy of the wolves, frolicking and howling in the full moon's light ~ is my joy.
The sorrow of the elephants, noting and mourning the passing of one of their own ~ is my sorrow.
The work of the beaver, building and maintaining her dam ~ is my work.
The play of the squirrel, leaping from tree to tree, rolling and tumbling on the ground ~ is my play.
The hunger of the bear, for salmon and berries and honey ~ is my hunger.
The thirst of the hummingbird, to sip the sweet nectar of the flower ~ is my thirst.
The flitting of the butterfly, here and there, in the meadow ~ is my activity.
The napping of the cat, stretched out in a sunny spot on the ground ~ is my rest.

The life-force that runs through the world around me
Also runs through and fills the empty places within me.
Knowing this, how could I not look around
And know that this, too, is me?
How could I behold they who live in Nature
and not know them as All My Relations?

Confirmation - the gift of a Crow Feather. (Gerton, NC 6/11)

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