Thursday, June 30, 2011

Second Maidenhood

Sunrise. (Mebane, NC 5/11)

During my Grand Adventure, I felt more than my "inner biologist" stirring back to life. In finding myself again, I reconnected with the joie de vivre that is present simply by Participating Fully in and with Life. I had not felt so enthusiastic about "Playing the Game" for many years, taking great pleasure and delight in the information brought to me by my five senses. (My first taste of "Mexican Street Corn" alone - AH! Thank You, Great Mother!) I didn't find myself reverting entirely back to the days of childhood, not quite. Instead, I found myself in what I call a Second body felt ripe, the world felt fresh, and every experience was a Divine Invitation to come and frolic in the Garden of Earthly Delight! It was an invitation I accepted, again and again. I felt myself opening up anew...

Magnolia Blossom. (Atlanta, GA 6/11)
...and I brought the "Maiden Magick" home with me to California. Shortly after my return, the annual County Fair in Del Mar ran a promotion that allowed people to get in for a mere three dollars. Not only that, it was on a day where you could get "tastings" from the food vendors (aka, Normal Portion Sizes!) for a mere two dollars each! Oh hell yes I went - and on public transportation to boot, so I wouldn't have to stress over parking! :-)

Ground level view of the main drag. (Del Mar, 6/11)
To answer your question - yes, you CAN be mostly vegan and still score YUMMY things! I had a bit of artichoke, a sampling of very fresh potato chips, a falafel ball, one serving of what was called "Aussie Battered Potatoes," and some sweet corn on ze cob, fresh off the barbeque! (the ear had been wrapped in its husk so it wouldn't get crisped.)

Meet some of my new friends. ;-) (Del Mar, 6/11)
They have a Gem and Mineral Show every year. Of Course I stopped in and visited, scoring a few needed stones in the process.

View from the carousel. (Del Mar, 6/11)
Okay, in this instance, I did jump back into my childhood. My inner seven-year-old would not let me pass by the carousel without going 'round one time. I rode side-saddle, since I was wearing a long skirt.

Bird's Eye View. (Del Mar, 6/11)
After the carousel, I took a ride on the Ferris Wheel. The view at the top was spectacular, but you're going to have to take my word on that one - this was the only picture I managed to take before my camera's batteries crapped out on me. :-( However, I did discover that I like to ride the Ferris Wheel. :-)

I continue to feel the renewed joie de vivre, even as the energetic shifts have propelled me in interesting directions...more on that front shortly.

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