Friday, January 28, 2011

Checking in...

Okay, can I just say off the top that I cannot believe it's still January! With Spring unfolding right now around me, and with all of the Work I've done, I've been feeling it's more like mid-February! (lol)

Oh, my. The Work.
I have begun my new blog, From the Wetware. More Information than I expected has come through, and there will be a new post up very shortly! I began a series of Wisdom-Share Circles in the area, thanks to a lovely friend who is renting her space at a very generous rate. I am going to be facilitating a ceremony for the next Sabbat that's coming up (Imbolc), and I've also lined up a speaking gig at a local metaphysical shop; I shall present the idea of Rewriting Your Story! I've also been following the Rhythms of the Earth and Sky, and have a couple of Tiny Adventures to share with y'all very soon!

And there have been lessons and surprises as well...I see how I've been allowing my pride to get in the way of manifesting Prosperity in my life - that is, "I'm on this Spiritual path, so there's No Way a muggle job can serve me." So I'm focusing more on finding that additional source of steady income that can assist me as I nurture my Priestess Work in the world. Just as I get comfortable with that concept, a muggle stint that has been serving me since late October suddenly, and abruptly, ended.
Time for a Confession. I've been keeping a secret from y'all, one that I can now reveal, in part: I was a Mystery Shopper for a major grocery company for about three months. Although it was providing me with a stream of income, it wasn't truly in alignment with my Authenticity, if I can be completely honest. Yes, it was a wonderful experience of stretching me out of my comfort zone - but I wasn't breaking even, financially, and some of the food was, in fact, at a lower frequency than my body prefers to ingest. So the Goddess giveth, and the Goddess taketh away, when She feels it's necessary. Okay, it was necessary - but right now?

Never fear, faithful readers, I do have other options currently on the table that I am exploring. :-)
The more important point, though, is this: I have been carrying expectations about how my "Mystical Priestess Life" is supposed to look. Very recently - like last night into this morning - I was invited to drop those expectations...and behold! I'm living my "Mystical Priestess Life." Right Now. This Very Instant! I am taking the leaps of faith I believed I was supposed to take. I am doing the Work I believed I needed to do. How many more times do I need to be hit upside the head by the Holy 2x4 of Enlightenment before I get the message?!? (lol) Message received, finally, thank you! Here I am, the Queen of the Subtle Way, and I realize the Way has been so subtle, that I've been looking for one burning bush while the whole blessed forest has been on fire! ;-)

So...I breathe into my belly. I ask myself what I need to do next. My inner child jumps up joyfully and proclaims, "It's time to Create!" Indeed, I've got an artistic project or two that I want to do for the Springtime, and this is the perfect time to get crafty. Indeed redux ~ in all of the significant shapeshifting and Shadow-Working I've done for the past, what, two years or so? ~ I have neglected my Inner Artistic Creatrix. It's time to go into the darkened room, through back the curtains, and let the sunlight in. It's time to gather together the materials I need...ribbon, glue, artificial flowers. It's time to send the rational mind out for coffee and let the intuitive mind out to play. Remind me to take some pictures to share when I'm done, 'mkay?

I shall return...

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