Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From the Wetware: dotting i's and crossing t's

Collage-art I created for "Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles." Circa 2006...?

Hola, faithful readers - time for another channel "from the wetware." (hm, maybe I should make a blog about this, especially if this becomes a regular thing. Sitting with this possibility...)

Are we having fun yet? ;-)
Yes, I'm asking that question with tongue firmly in cheek.
Depending on where you are in your (spiritual) journey, you're feeling stuff moving in, moving out, moving up, moving down, or moving all over the bloody map so much, you have no idea which way is forward!
Well, I can say this for sure: all is unfolding according to the plan you (yes, YOU!) mapped out before incarnating in this place and time you find yourself in. So no worries on that front.

Still not convinced? I don't blame you. There have been times along the way when I've been in prayer and muttered to myself, "You're kidding, Great Mother - right?" Then I've heard Her laugh, which had led me to mutter dark imprecations under my breath...but I digress.

I can, however, reveal this: everything that's moving will probably slow way down, if not stop completely, starting the day after tomorrow, for a few weeks. The reason can be summed up in two words: Mercury Retrograde.
For those totally new to the astrological viewpoint - no, this isn't the 2011 model coming out. (If I remember correctly, the decision has been made to stop making Mercury-brand cars altogether. Oops, digressing again!) What this means...3-4 times every year, the "teeny" planet Mercury (teeny in comparison to the other planets, that is!) looks like it's going backwards in the sky for about three weeks, give or take. Then it begins to move "forward" (aka direct) again.

In metaphysics, this translates into communications tending to go haywire, as Mercury was the Roman God of Messages and Communication. Now, while there has been much hoo-ha (my very scientific term - lol) thrown around about the Mercury Retrograde periods, this is, in truth, a lovely opportunity for a cosmic check-in with/in your*self.
Take a little downtime and take inventory of everything in your life: is everything going smoothly? Is it all a honking big mess? What can be done at this time to set things aright - knowing that implementing any course changes will abide until Mercury is going direct among the stars.

Next: from following other peeps' metaphysical e-letters & postings, I've seen over and over again that the "theme" for this year has been Holding the Vision. This can be a small vision, like purchasing that new car - or it can be a big vision, like Harmonious World Community...or somewhere in between.
The point is, we the Lightworkers especially have been holding the vision for the rise of a new consciousness to blossom in the "dark & remote corners" of the Collective. The time is drawing very near for that Vision to be unleashed upon the world - but not just yet. (insert group groan here) ;-)

This particular Mercury Retrograde episode, we're all being encouraged, Lightworker or not, to get out that Grand Vision we have and go over it One More Time, with a fine-toothed comb. Has every "t" been crossed, every "i" dotted? Do you need to make a re-vision to the Vision? If so, this is time for it.
See, we are nearing the end of the time of "sacrifice," where you've given up what you've been holding onto, and the beginning of the Second/Main Harvest, wherein you reap what you've sown, and receive the Full Bounty of the Mother! :-) And yes, there will be a descent, with a great Planting of the Vision - but first things first.

Make entirely sure and certain that your intentions are clear and concise right now. Mark those places where Ganesh can remove those pesky obstacles for you...because come mid-September, we're moving forward again at Full Throttle!
Are those seat belts securely fastened, pulled tight, and riding low on your hips? (Can you tell I've flown much?) ;-)

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  1. I needed to make a minor Mercury goes Retrograde 8/20, I needed to say the "day after tomorrow." See what I mean by communications going haywire? ;-)