Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving into "the Zone"

This pic of me So Totally Rocks! (Mebane, NC 7/10. Photo by DragonHeart, my dragon sister.)

Something I neglected to mention when I was gushing about my latest adventure out to North Carolina...I found myself in what is popularly called "the Zone."
Basically, I was the Priestess. I was the Healer. I was the shamanka walking effortlessly Between the Worlds. For the first time, I realized the full extent of what it means to be standing in my Authentic Power - and let me say, it felt SO damn good! :-D
I felt Light. Open. Expanded and Expansive. Everything flowed effortlessly.
Not all the opportunities I beheld to Work my magick came to pass, but I've bookmarked several possibilities for the next time my home tribe gathers...and that's okay.

As always, the challenge has been taking what arose during the retreat and integrating it into my life As It Is Now. It's been interesting what's come up since.

"Shadows in Bloom." Encinitas, 7/10

If you've been following along, I mentioned last time that we were entering a "sorting phase" in life. I, too, experienced some sorting of my own as the moon disappeared from view.
Just because I've reached a certain point in my spiritual journey doesn't mean I'm done doing the Work. HA! Au contraire - I'm slogging along in the trenches right beside everyone else!
This time around, I came face to face with my "stuck" feelings...not wanting to move forward on my own, instead wanting someone to come help me out. Do the "dirty work" for me so I can fly free and clear, I was asking.
There is, however, only one person who will do my "dirty work." ME.
Interestingly enough, in examining these feelings, I found the root of this "stuck-ness," and did the necessary re-writing of my Story to unstick myself. (A shout out to one of my newest friends, the shining Miss A., for pointing me in the right direction!)

Now, the new moon is upon us, along with another pulse of energy bathing the Earth. (Get used to these pulses; they're going to be coming regularly and awesomely for the near future!) Now I feel myself moving back into "the Zone" where I was in North Carolina...and brand new options are presenting themselves for my purview, one of which may lead to slaying the Debt Monster for good - and giving me what I desire most: free space to (re) invent myself, yet again.

The greater test of faith is unfolding for me in California, as I consider the full extent of what it means to be In Service to Queen Califia...

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