Monday, March 29, 2010

honoring mom :-)

I've written briefly about my dad and my grandmother, who have both passed on.
I've only touched upon my mother in passing.
It's high time to rectify that.
This is my mother. Today is (soon to be was) her birthday.
She can make me laugh long and loud. She can also drive me completely crazy. ;-)

We don't always agree on life and all that's in it. She thinks I've got my head a bit too high in the clouds; I think she could take off the Lenses of Lack and see things as they truly are. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.
Having said that, the fact that my mother and I talk with each other on a regular basis, let alone live together - in this day and age, with mothers and daughters so estranged, that's saying something.

The daybook I'm going this year through talks about honoring my parent/s, considering what they've taught me. So what has my mother taught me?

She has taught me compassion, generosity, patience.
She has inspired me to go past my limitations, when she cannot.
Most of all, she has shown me that when a woman must carry on, against seemingly overwhelming odds, she can...and will.

Happy Birthday, Mom. :-)

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