Saturday, August 15, 2009

Props for My Peeps: #1

We interrupt this introspective interlude to announce some exciting new developments!

Remember Brian, my ninja co-conspirator?
(If you don't, then you never went to check out his website, did you? You would not have forgotten him, trust me!) ;-)

He's conspired with another Ninja of Change to produce a wee video on YouTube.
He's reading his poem, "Love Is the New Religion (Spiritual Conspiracy)," as our fellow ninja's image & sound package unfolds.
See it right here.

Believe it or not, this is not the first YouTube offering of his words!
Hang out for a few moments after the video ends, and you'll see what other folks have done with his poem.
And if the title sounds familiar, chances are someone popped it into your inbox, or posted it on their blog and gushed over it, like I'm doing right now. (lol)

While you're checking el video out, I'll see if I can save the link to it on my blog. May take a while, but it will be worth the wait!

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