Sunday, November 23, 2008

Forward Movement! :-)

First, the posting of Ariadne's Wish (see below) is something I've been waiting for the right moment to do...and that moment has come.
And as for the CD - I've got the cover all put together. I'm mulling over estimates for getting it mass produced. I've got a premier concert date: December 13th! (to which I've sent out a gazillion emails and will prolly send out a few more, just to toot my own horn.) ;-)

In the grand scheme of things, they may not amount to much...but for me, they're huge. I don't do things with a lot of bells & whistles; I'm more of a behind ze scenes type of girl. That's what I get when my moon is in Virgo and I find myself following the turtle. (lol)

Forward Movement was actually my mantra for 2008.
Not sure if a lot of the movement I've done this year has actually been forward, so I'm keeping it with me for next year as well.

And as I release these Creations of mine out into the world, I make room for new Creations to be planted, and to germinate. I focus my attention on a book or three to write - and the time to begin is almost here. One more week to disconnect from the snare that distracted me at work, then I can settle most fully back into the depths, as Winter spreads her cloak over the earth - at least in the Northern Hemisphere... ;-)

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