Sunday, November 23, 2008

~Ariadne's Wish~ a free-will participation event

One of my Net-friends came to me some time back with a wish to make some prayer bundles, to help realize some desires she was holding within her. Together, we considered making this a collective effort – a Big Collective Effort! I have been carrying that concept within me for roughly a year, waiting for the time to unveil it. I believe the time is finally NOW…

Ariadne is a woman/Goddess in the Greek pantheon. She gifted Theseus the yarn to trace his way through the labyrinth as he quested to slay the Minotaur. She was also torn between love, for Theseus, and duty, for her family. She became a weaver Goddess in the fine tradition of weaver Goddesses (i.e., Arachne); yet it her wish to follow her heart that jumps out from the tales about her.
Originally, I was going to call this “Arachne’s Wish,” and believed I had gotten my Greek Goddesses confused! But no, Ariadne insisted that this was to be Her wish – and now that I have carried her for a time in my life, I have come to agree with her.

Now, the nitty gritty…the vehicle for this endeavor will be the prayer bundle.
The prayer bundle comes from the Native American shamanic traditions. To make it, one takes a piece of cloth, about 2” x 2” square, places a pinch or two of tobacco in the center of the square, gathers the corners into the center (to form a miniature pouch or bag), and ties the corners together, so that the tobacco doesn’t slip out. As the bundle is created, one contemplates a wish to be made manifest in one’s life. Several of these prayer bundles can be made and tied together to form a string of wishes.
What came to me is the idea that one could actually write one’s wish on a small scrap of paper and place it into the bundle along with the tobacco. One can write several heart’s desires to incorporate into the bundles, or the same desire several times over.

This gathering of wishes can be done individually, or in a group. I know many groups will be meeting within the next several weeks; why not set some time apart to co-create bundles of heart’s desires and heartfelt wishes?
Once these bundles are created: hold onto them. Bless them. Sit with them in sacred space. If this is a group effort, pass the bundles around to each participant so s/he can impart energy to them. Then, come the time of Rebirthing (December 21st through Jan. 1st), burn the prayer bundles in a fire, perhaps along with a traditional Yule log. The action of burning the prayer bundles carries the wishes to the astral/etheric levels, where they can enter the world of dreams, to be activated and manifested back into the World of Form.

Why now? To summarize a lot of esoteric information: the planetary energies are becoming very favorable for Significant Manifestation of deep desires & dreams now. Old toxic energy has been cleared away; the slate is wiped clean and primed for the recording of new loving energy.

So, are you ready to join us in fulfilling Ariadne’s Wish?

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