Thursday, November 13, 2008

and on the sixth day...REVOLUTION!

For those who are in the esoteric and metaphysical frame of mind: yesterday and today were/are the dawning of the Sixth Day of the Mayan Calendar. For a quickie explanation of it, visit my friend Simone here:

For those who'd rather not jump right now, I'll simply say this: this is destined to be a time of Revolution. I can smell it. I may even partake in it.

This is a bold and daring move for me; usually I've been content to let the ways of the world work themselves out while I've focused on Deep Work. But now, especially in California, the Deep Work is arising into conscious awareness, and I have a few opinions on what's up, and how things can work out for the best.

The words are still a little shy, but I'm getting ever closer to unleashing them.
Soon enough, and all in the fullness of time.

At any rate, today I tromped around a very cool retreat site: Questhaven. (They're here at Pix will hopefully follow soon - yes, I've gone digital at last! Be afraid; be very afraid! (lol)

Tomorrow, I begin anew...

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