Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Over the weekend, one of my favorite Internet hang-outs transferred their message board over to a new forum. They announced this well in advance, and advised us to save anything we wanted to beforehand, because everything in the old forum would be inaccessible post-transfer.
So I thought about it for a moment - and realized the only thing I wanted to save was my e-journal, my "other blog," because it chronicled so much of my journey. This I have done, and now it's on my computer as a huge Word document.

During the uncertainty of the fires in October, when we weren't sure if we'd have to flee our homes at a moment's notice, mother & I agreed to pack the photo albums - and the big bag containing all of my journals, dating back to 1998, when I began to put pen to paper in order to write about the path I was walking back unto my*self.

As I consider releasing my grip on "attachment," I find that I am not ready to detach from my words. I want to preserve this journey of mine...partly so I can solidify those experiences which might otherwise slip out of my mind, partly so I can use this mother lode of Events Recorded to explain to others what I have done, and how I did it, so they can do it too.

One of my New Year's resolutions will be to read through all of my journals. I know this because I've had it on my list for two years now. This will be the third year. ;-)

It's interesting how I value my words over most of my material possessions...and how I value some of my words more than others. I have written several science-fiction stories, two of them full-length novels, yet I was perfectly willing to let them go over my journals.

To paraphrase - perhaps I've not yet begun to write.

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