Friday, December 28, 2007


Taking a few moments to breathe and comport myself as day folds into night...

This has been a year, traveling way out of my comfort zone, both within and without!
I quit the cushy "comfortable" job and found my way back to the past.
I have been to Australia, and allowed its "future-time" energy wash over me & through me.
I have sorted through my DNA, releasing junk left over from my parents.
I have transmuted that which I thought would be unalterable, and I have found a place now that I bypassed earlier in all of that shifting, and am focusing all of my attention here, and bringing about gentle healing change.
And now, after all of this transformation - now the time for action is waiting in the wings, with the new year.
In a way, I shall be starting from scratch, redux.
And in a way, the booster rockets have detached, and are falling back into gravity's embrace.
I shall take the message I received at the start of 2007 and set it atop 2008: Let your Voice lead the Way.
Lead me, Creatrix, and I shall follow...

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