Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lessons & Checking In

Here are some of the things I am learning during my "sabbatical" from the muggle world:

~I need to practice patience to allow the dreams to unfold on their own.
~...But all the patience in the world means diddly-squat without action to back it up.
~I come to acknowldege: I need some structure in my life. Otherwise, the temptation to do "nothing" becomes very great.
~That said, this unstructured fallow time has been just what my soul has needed to release the Time-Anxiety I'd been carrying around.

~I have much more stuff than I actually need, or use regularly.
~Some of the stuff is easy to release; other stuff is very difficult, if not impossible (right not) to let go of. Case in point: I can clean out my closets, kitchen cupboards, bookshelves, etc. without a problem. But the thought of clearing out my storage shed - which currently houses my model horse collection, among other things - makes my stomach contract in near hysterical anxiety. :-(

~I am "reviewing" the concept of boundaries, and what constitutes healthy boundaries. I am becoming more assured about saying yes to some things, and no to other things.

~I am not "wandering around the clock" as I thought I would. Once, I thought if I didn't have to go to work, I'd go to bed whenever I felt like it, and awaken again whenever I felt like it. Nope - I'm still keeping regular waking and sleeping hours...just later than I did when I was working regularly.
~And on that note, I seem to have weaned myself away from needing an alarm to wake me up! I tell myself I need to awaken at a certain time - and lo! I rise and shine at that time, if not a few minutes earlier! :-D

~I am more conscious about how I'm spending my money. I find I don't really need to eat out once a week. I find myself waiting to buy things, like music CD's, until after I return to the state of steady income. I'm also becoming more selective at which metaphysical events I'm attending - the cheaper, the better.
~The Universe is stepping in to assist me in some cases: when I really want to attend something, I am shown a low/no cost way to attend. :-D

As spring shifts into summer, so the gentle resting time begins to yield to a more active creative time. I am planning on stepping up my job searching so I can get that part-time job and not have to return to full-time hours. That's the one bad thing about temp work: the assignments may be only a week or two in length, but the hours would take up most all of the day.
I'm also going to be concentrating on what Spiritual things I can offer, besides the Songs, and see if I can't get something organized Sooner, instead of Later.
Just need to remember to keep spots open for down-time, and fun-time... ;-)

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