Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Field Notes

Time to hie my way back here and update a few things for the peeps who might actually be reading this... ;-)

The job hunt has been going steady this month. The Universe presents me with many possibilities to choose from! :-D

I'm holding out for a part-time job. I want the consistent income, yes, but I also want to keep some of this bounty of time that I have received. Now, if a full-time job comes along that is very close to home, I'll seriously consider taking it. I want to avoid "insane" commuting if at all possible.

Initially, I was avoiding answering any ads asking for "Accounting" or "Bookkeeping." I'd had enough of that Secret Society and was ready to move on. As I've gone farther into the hunt, I've realized, well, it is a part of my skillset - and if an ideal job comes my way that involves that skillset, I'd be a fool not to try for it! So I open myself up to these possibilities as well.

Meantime, I've put my business cards into full effect. I rarely miss an opportunity to hand one out. ;-) They have been an excellent investment, as they stimulate conversation and plant the seeds of possibility in people's minds. When the time comes for someone who can help out with that necessary spiritual work...

I'm also getting close to finding a place to record my first CD! :-D Just need to wait for a few things to fall into place first (like the consistent income!) and then I'll be ready to go.

I've also been writing like a fiend - getting some of the Channeled Information out of my head and onto paper! Now, I am only concerned with writing it down; later, I can massage it a little so that it's more easily read and understood. Messages from the Collective, or wherever else, are rarely grammatically correct as they come through. ;-)

(So, I've come back and finished the entry. Later I'll get into some other things...)

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