Thursday, August 18, 2011

(Mostly) Enjoying the Ride.

As I've mentioned on my Wetware blog and on Facebook, it's been a "wild ride" for many people this month. I've been on the ride too...and for the most part, I've been enjoying it.

As the energetic party was getting started, I was in the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania, enjoying the company of my Big Glow siblings at a place called Wild Meadows Farm. It's a real farm. With a real Barn.

The Barn. (Pennsylvania, 7/11)

As it was the eve of Lammas, the First Harvest, there was indeed a harvest inside. I think they're onions...
Drying the Harvest. (Pennsylvania, 7/11)
The event took place within reach of a Mixed Energy vortex. This is significant because 1) You interact with the energies in ways that may be the opposite of what you expect, and 2) All of the energies around the property were heightened by the combination of the New (blue) Moon, significant Solar Flares, and the beginning of a major overall power surge. My experience was a good one at the retreat, I can tell y'all that.

The party really kicked into high gear once I returned home. The anniversary of my dad's passing (speaking of energetic vortices) came just after Mercury went Retrograde. I found myself very soft and still - and Very Hungry! I used some Mindful Eating to keep myself under control and in the eye of the proverbial storm. From this center-point, I saw a LOT of people Awakening, many of my friends finding themselves moving up several levels on their journeys in the blink (or two) of an eye! Many of my other friends found themselves in particularly nasty pickles that seemed to arise "out of nowhere." And let's not forget the turbulent times in the States and overseas in England!

We're all in this together, supporting one another. (Naples, FL 6/11)
After a dynamic start, I found myself moving Between the Worlds.What this means for me is sleeping many hours in the evening, and not always waking up completely in the morning. There have been days I've been draggin' along the Whole Damn Day...and a sleepy bear can be a very grumpy bear. I did, however, apologize after the worst of the outbursts. I also took my own advise and hied my hee out into Nature.

How can you feel grumpy HERE? :-) (Questhaven, 8/11)
With the shifting of the overall energies comes a return to a more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed state of existing. Okay, realizing I've been craving more protein in my diet was a factor as well; adding more nuts and beans to my diet is producing noticeable results. I also attempted to add some dairy, but that went over like a fart in church. Looks like I'm ready to wean myself from the cow for good! (no offense to all the cow divinities...)
Now I am finishing moving through the death/birthdates of my grandmother. Now I'm Working on my Third Eye/sixth chakra, clearing out illusory & fear*full Visions. Now I've just sun-brewed some jasmine green tea that tastes delicious! :-q Now I'm ready(ing) myself to ride the next wave...right alongside all y'all.
The sun has begun to rise again... :-) (Naples, FL 6/11)

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